Belgian Food & Beverage industry

The increasing demand for sustainable food production

Few sectors have been impacted more than the food and beverage sector. What opportunities do these dynamics bring to the industry? And what roles can investors play?

The best is yet to come for PE’s?

In Europe, the invested amount in unlisted companies almost doubled in Q2, but Belgium seems to be lagging.

Can we expect to see a rush on deals by year-end? Or is there another explanation?

PE secondaries booming in 2023? Reculer pour mieux sauter

NX Elicit’s commercial, cultural, and innovation due diligence capability (re)validates your (initial) investment hypothesis. For this, we look at changes in the market, the USP of the target product or service, and assess the target’s change in culture and innovation potential.

VC and PE players seek refuge in the secondaries market to compensate for the dramatic decline in exit values. Such a strategy demands the same scrutiny as a primary investment; it is essential to reassess the underlying investment rationale.