FP&A Service overview

Enabling greater strategic decision making

The best vision can not be executed with confidence in the absence of reliable insights into financial performance. Uncertainty leads to hesitation and internal focus.

Do you have the handles you need to steer your future?

Strategy & Operations
A goal without a plan is just a wish

A plan is more than a set of data, it is a comprehensive overview of goals, assumptions, and priorities. In order to achieve your goal, you must be able to track performance against your targets and take swift action to optimize performance.

That is already a challenge, but it gets even more complicated when reported figures are arbitrary and fluctuate without a solid explanation. Management is steering blind and risks losing the confidence of its stakeholders. 

NX Partners helps the CFO and controllers to elaborate a strategy to address the needs of the business.


We work with the management of complex & transforming organizations to improve their financial and operational grip


We help analyze enterprise performance. Offering access to trustworthy and complete financial information is vital for taking informed decisions and planning for the future.


Identifying relevant KPI's, developing comprehensive dashboards and assessing what might impact future financial performance.


Strong Implementation partner since 2017

platform of choice

Based on years of experience we have selected Jedox as our platform of choice for financial planning and analysis. Jedox offers the most reliable, user-friendly FP&A system on the market.

tailormade implementations

We apply a proven methodology throughout the implementation of Jedox. We start by listening to our client to understand their needs and priorities. We challenge to make sure we deliver the most suited solution. Our clients are involved from day one and coached by our consultants.

skilled team of professionals

All our consultants have a background in controlling and are trained and certified by Jedox. Our project managers have started at NX as functional consultants and have worked their way up. Our implementations are a team effort under the guidance and supervision of our senior people.

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At NX Partners we have developed our own reporting templates and models. Thanks to MACY our clients can provide the business with the insights they need. 

MACY can be set up within 30 days thanks to our pre-built and modular models. Our predefined load processes assure a swift transition to automated reporting, without putting a strain on your finance team.

Mature data &
reporting models

Thanks to pre-built & modular data models we can quickly and accurately set up a financial reporting system.
The templates are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your reporting needs.


The MACY platform is scalable, secure and highly performant as it runs on Jedox.
The MACY experience in native Excel offers all the advantages of spreadsheets but eliminates challenges such as data siloes and inconsistencies.

expert knowledge
& support

With MACY comes the full breadth of NX's knowledge and experience. We can train your team in days and help shorten the adoption phase.
Our team remains available for support and coaching.

Interim Services

Highly skilled professionals for short term needs

When implementing a new strategy, the daily requirements are not put on hold. The finance team is expected to guide the transformation process while assuring their daily tasks are executed. This often puts stress and unrealistic expectations on the team.

At NX Partners we understand that you sometimes need a helping hand to get through these transitions. Our highly skilled professionals can be operational after a swift handover. They can help shorten the transition phase while coaching the client’s finance team. Upon completion, they hand over their tasks and remain on standby for some time to guarantee a smooth transition.

Liquidity &
Debt Management


We are a performance driven organisation. We value and reward hard work.


NX Partners is a flat organisation. Expect short reporting lines, we prefer to empower our people.


Working should be fun. We spend a lot of time working at client's premises, so team activities are a must.