Treasury Service overview

Enabling greater strategic decision making

Enhance visibility into cash, liquidity and financial risk exposures

Strategy & Operations
Your Treasury needs evolve

As your company grows, your treasury needs evolve. 

NX Partners is your partner to design your future treasury strategy. Our experts help you craft your future banking landscape, identify your system requirements and potential process changes. Our aim is to ensure a successful outcome. We guide you through the change process. Our experience has taught us to spot pitfalls early on and identify and remedy change management challenges.


Strong Implementation partner since 2015

Kyriba platform of choice

Based on years of experience we have decided to only partner with Kyriba as it offers the most reliable, user-friendly treasury system on the market. Kyriba stays ahead through continuous developments and improvements.

tailormade implementations

We apply a proven methodology throughout the implementation of TMS. We start by listening to our client to understand their needs and priorities. We challenge to make sure we deliver the most suited solution. Our clients are involved from day one and coached by our consultants.

skilled team of treasurers

All our consultants have a background in treasury and are trained and certified by Kyriba. Our project managers have started at NX as functional consultants and have worked their way up. Our implementations are a team effort under the guidance and supervision of our senior people.

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Interim Services

Highly skilled professionals for short term needs

When implementing a new strategy, the daily requirements are not put on hold. The treasury team is expected to guide the transformation process while assuring their daily tasks are executed. This often puts stress and unrealistic expectations on the treasury team.

At NX Partners we understand that you sometimes need a helping hand to get through these transitions. Our highly skilled professionals can be operational after a swift handover. They can help shorten the transition phase while coaching the client’s treasury team. Upon completion they hand over their tasks and remain stand by for some time to garantee a smooth transition.

Liquidity &
Debt Management


We are a performance driven organisation. We value and reward hard work.


NX Partners is a flat organisation. Expect short reporting lines, we prefer to empower our people.


Working should be fun. We spend a lot of time working at client's premises, so team activities are a must.