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The key impact is in Decision making

IDC 2022 - A practice area emerges for CFO's : Enterprise Liquidity Management
With geopolitical tensions rising, supply chains disrupted and financial markets on the ropes, pressure is on Treasurers to unlock cash and optimize Liquidity Planning

CFO's are finding that Enterprise Liquidity Management is key to succeed in a volatile world

A lack of liquidity can lead to bankruptcy, even with otherwise viable companies

Liquidity is the Lifeblood of Business

NX Partners strengthens the Treasurer's grip on Liquidity and Working Capital

Enable greater strategic decision-making

Markets have become extremely volatile and unpredictable. The business leaders expect the CFO and treasurer to provide accurate, timely insights. New developments require new reports and analysis, putting relentless pressure on the finance team. Full visibility on liquidity takes away the effort to produce real-time and reliable reports, freeing up time to analyze and advise with confidence.

Centralize enterprise-wide payments

Reliable insights require accurate views on all cash movements. There is no time for manual consolidations or reconciliations, the Finance teams must have full transparency at all times. Centralizing payments allows you to streamline your process, avoid fraud and reduce risk.

Enhance visibility into cash, liquidity and financial risk exposures

Visibility leads to transparency, resulting in improved risk management. The Active Liquidity Platform – such as Kyriba – allows CFO’s and treasurers to improve working capital and offers an opportunity to increase net income.

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Liquidity & Debt Management

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Several candidates were interviewed but Ilka stood out because of her capability to translate treasury-specific knowledge into practical and understandable guidance.

Managing investment risks while tightening grip on growing liquidity