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Adding depth to your view

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Strategy & Transaction Advisory

Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a rolls royce to get advice from people who take the subway

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Private equity aims to maximize value at each step of the investment lifecycle.

During this event our speakers present their views based on real-life cases. We present a market study (pre-deal), followed by the findings from a CDD to wrap up with best practices for value creation (post deal).

70 to 90% of all M&A transactions fail
Traditional research suggests that a vast majority of all M&A transactions fail to deliver against anticipated returns.
Are your investments performing as anticipated?

Context is critical to optimizing investment performance

The final arbiters of the acquisition's success are the clients

Many companies fail to deliver on performance improvement levels as expected before or during the transaction process, leading to companies being sold again prematurely.
Despite data and information being more and faster accessible than ever, M&A success rates hardly seem to improve.
What are you putting in place to enhance your success rate?

NX Elicit's Focus is adding Depth to your View

We support private equity, venture capitalist and corporates with commercial due diligence, business model and market research activities. We aim to deliver excellent value for money.

Our focus is on buy-side transactions in Europe.
Steffi De Roy

Our Services allow you to optimize your Transaction Process

Evaluating opportunities

Our research and news updates help you stay ahead through valuable market insights.

Be on top of market opportunities:

  • Market research or modeling
  • Strategic workshops
  • Broadcasting of M&A news
  • Ad hoc advice request

Pre-deal phase

We prepare for transactions through research, screening, analysis, and review. We detect market opportunities.

Prepare for your transaction:

  • Market research
  • Target Screening
  • Pre-DD analysis
  • Second IM review

Portfolio life-cycle

We drive your transactions to success through insights and bankable reports In addition, we collaborate with partners to cover social, technology, and ESG aspects.

Drive your Transaction to Success:

  • Commercial due-diligence
  • Buy&Build Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Partner offerings

Why does the integration of companies after M&A transactions so often fail to meet expectations?

The number of transactions has been increasing in post-COVID times. According to a study from Vlerick, there were more M&A transactions, and the deal size increased. 

The reasons for this increase are multiple. Market demand was high, money was cheap, and companies are looking for market expansion and increased control over their supply chain. The war for talent might also have an impact.

It is unclear what the future will bring. Interest rates are rising, and inflation is weighing on consumers’ confidence.

Most past deals were transformational acquisitions or mergers. Buyers pay a premium over standalone value because they anticipate benefits, such as efficiencies of scale. (Source: Datasite).

The main question is: how to avoid your next transaction is not delivering on its anticipated return?

Commercial insights are vital

NX Elicit helps investors to understand, test, and substantiate the underlying strategic rationale and value creation thesis underpinning the transaction.

We are of the opinion that commercial insights are vital for all parties involved in investments. It presents outside-in information next to an analysis of internal data, but foremost it provides investors with strategic avenues of growth.

These insights are based on both outside-in (external) and inside-out (internal) analysis of data and provide investors with strategic avenues of growth.

People are essential to your transaction's success

The success of your transactions is significantly impacted by the quality of your advisors and their experience with such merger and acquisition events. NX Elicit has a vast experience in the transaction process for many industries and transaction sizes.

Influential CFO’s have proven to facilitate smooth closing and integration of transactions. Our NX Financial Planning & Analysis and Corporate Performance Management services  directly target such  CFO’s and their teams.

The final arbiters of the acquisition's success are the clients

The standard explanation for failed M&A deals points to integration as the problem. It turns out that this is more of a problem for companies acquiring complementary businesses that they know pretty well. That’s because integrating the new business isn’t entirely the story. Your customers need to have a reason to like the unique combination, which may require change and integration. (Source: HBR )

NX Elicit challenges your hypothesis by both delivering an outside-in and inside-out view. We are convinced that independent views and opinions have a strong impact on the success of the transaction.

Interested in discussing how NX Elicit can help you make your next Transaction a success?

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