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Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation

Robert Schuller

Ready to start your journey?

Because yes, we are looking for candidates who are ready to join us on our journey. We want to feel confident that you get a good feeling of what to expect at NX Partners. So the better we get to know each other, the more likely it is we will both be happy!

But first:
are we a fit for you?

What can you expect when working at NX Partners?

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”

Albert Einstein

Join us

We like curious, open-minded people who appreciate the freedom to develop their skills and grow professionally. 

We invite you to see for yourself if this could be the place where you can grow into the best version of yourself.

Let's get to know each other

If the prospect of being challenged get's you fired up, there is a real chance we will get along

We want to see you shine like a star

Changing jobs is always a leap into the unknown. We aim to allow you to shine, to show off your skills and talents. At the same time, we feel it is vital that you can experience what it would be like working at NX Partners.

We like to go beyond your CV. We want to know the person in front of us, what motivates you, and what get’s you going the extra mile.

Perform at your best during your interview

Don’t see it as a test, but rather as an opportunity to get a feel of how we work. Do you feel at ease being challenged to perform your best?

Demonstrate your skills and your methodology. How do you analyze a client’s situation? How do you probe for insights that help you articulate an approach in line with the client’s expectations?

In return we will provide you with honest and constructive feedback, making your interview as informative and rewarding as possible.

Our recruitment process

Reach out
Found an opportunity that appeals to you? Or do you have an offer we can’t refuse?
This is your moment to shine! You will have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with two partners
Now it is our turn to make you an offer that you won’t refuse
We appreciate your interest in NX Partners and invite you for a brief video call
We value skills and mindset over fancy job titles, reason why we will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your approach and your skills

Some hints and tips to help you shine


Listen to the interviewer, try to understand, and probe for insights while maintaining a natural dialogue

Don't hold back

Don't be afraid to ask, don't hide your thought process or your methodology


Be structured in your approach. Follow your methodology to get the bigger picture

Don't rush

Don't take a deep dive before having a sufficiently broad understanding of the challenge. Keep an open mind

Be creative

Develop and share a hypothesis. Be creative, apply your skills without over-complicating things

Don't be defensive

It's ok to be challenged. Don't be defensive and push your solution at all cost


Summarize, structure and synthesize your thoughts. Keep it simple, make sure we understand your conclusions

Don't panic

This is not a test. We asess your approach, your methodology and your communication skills


Think before you speak. Take time to overthink your next question. No need to rush to an answer

Don't be artificial

Don't get stuck in theoretic frameworks that you don't master.

Follow your gut

and let's see how we can craft your future, together