We leverage leading practices, learned via large scale projects for complex and international organisations, and combine them into a cost-efficient, comprehensive, automated and self-service solution for mid-sized companies.

What is Macy?

Pre-configured, but tailorable

Pre-built 3-way model: P&L, B/S & CFS.
Standardised and automated ETL.
Extendable with other standard data models.

Management reporting

Set-of standard reports, dashboards, analysis views & templates.
Combining Excel & online access.

Budget & Forecast

Simple budgeting.
Integrated budgeting.

Cloud platform

Secure, & managed environment.
Limited internal IT support needed.
Online access to reports and data.

Self-service with support

Tweak reports & templates yourself.
Load and manage data yourself.
Access to NX support organisation.

Fast delivery of leading practices

Full implementation & training within days.
Generic toolbox for processes and reports.